Jerome Viricel, Veolia Middle East
Jerome Viricel
General Manager of RECAPP
Veolia Middle East

Jerome Viricel is a highly accomplished entrepreneur with a rich background in diverse industries. Over the past 18 years, he has successfully managed multiple companies in France, North Africa, and the Middle East, demonstrating his exceptional entrepreneurial cleverness.

Jerome holds an MSc. in Management, specializing in European Entrepreneurial Learning, from EMLyon Business School (2002). His passion for business strategy, management, and entrepreneurship led him to establish his first company while still pursuing his education. With a focus on event and communication services, he delivered impressive results, organizing major corporate events for prominent French groups for over a decade.

In 2012, Jerome expanded his horizons and ventured into the Middle East. As the Director Middle East & Asia for a reputable French textile company, he played a pivotal role in driving commercial development across more than 20 countries. With a keen eye for emerging markets and a talent for strategic decision-making, Jerome effectively managed the subsidiary based in Dubai.

Currently serving as the General Manager of RECAPP for Veolia Middle East, Jerome brings his extensive expertise in project management, marketing, commercial strategies, and business development to the forefront. In this role, he leads the RECAPP project, a groundbreaking circular economy service. By establishing strategic partnerships, developing the RECAPP mobile application, and implementing innovative business models, Jerome actively promotes sustainable practices and drives engagement within the RECAPP community. With meticulous attention to detail and a focus on operational excellence, he ensures the seamless collection and management of recyclables.