Pashupati Group
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Pashupati Group of Industries stands as a beacon of innovation, spearheading the fight against global plastic pollution for the past two decades. Our cutting-edge technology and processes empower us to collect, segregate, and recycle plastic waste into a diverse range of high-value products, including rPET food-grade , non-food-grade, odor-free rPolyolefin granules-Food grade /Non- food grade , specialty recycled fibers and innovative recycled packaging solutions.With eight production facilities spread across India, approaching a boasting a processing capacity of 3, 00,000 T/ per year and over 3,000 direct and indirect employees, we are steadily progressing towards becoming a waste-neutral group of industries.

Detailed information

Pashupati Group, a leading innovator in the realm of plastic waste recycling , Pashupati Group is driven by an unwavering commitment to sustainability, transforming discarded plastic materials into valuable resources, contributing to a circular economy, and addressing the pressing global challenge of plastic pollution. Our expertise lies in manufacturing a comprehensive range of value-added products from post-consumer and post-industrial plastic waste.
Our manufacturing verticals and products include:
1. Recycling:
o rPET Flakes
o rPET Chips (food grade, suitable for bottle, film, and textile applications)
o rPolyolefin Granules (both food grade and non-food grade)
o rPSF
o Virgin PP Fibre
o Construction (short cut) Fibre
o Macro Fiber
2. Packaging:
o Woven fabric and sacks with 30% recycled content
o Jumbo bags to small shopping bags
o Sacks for cement, fertilizer, wood wrap, Tarpaulin, and more
3. Master Batches:
o Color Masterbatches for PP/PE
o Black Masterbatches for PET

We are interested in your enzyme technology , We believe that a joint venture / licensing between Pashupati Group and your organization could pave the way for groundbreaking advancements in the field of plastic waste recycling. Our combined expertise and resources could lead to the development of novel recycling technologies, the expansion of our product portfolio, and the creation of a more sustainable future.