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J B ECOTEX group is leading international PET recycler with aggregate recycling capacity of 125000 kt.
With JB rPET INDUSTRIES PVT LTD, a group company, group is manufacturing world first food grade rPET RESIN by chemical recycling having a capacity of 21000 mt per annum.
JB Ecotex Ltd manufacturing food grade rPET resin INDIA first EREMA VACUNITE technology with capacity of 21000 mt per annum.
Group is also manufacturing rPET SHEET, rPET STRAP for packaging and recycle fiber textiles.
Our company is GRS-, OEKOTEX, OCEAN BOUND PLASTIC, ISO9001-, ISO 14001- and ISO 15270- certified
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Detailed information

Product Profile:
J B ECOTEX group along with its subsidiaries is manufacturing following products:
1. World's first chemical recycled food grade rPET Resin with "JB rPET INDUSTRIES PVT LTD" for use in beverages bottle, pet sheet, bopet film and related packaging products
2. INDIA first EREMA Vacunite technology to manufacture food grade rPET RESIN by mechanical recycling in J B ECOTEX LTD for use in beverages bottles, PET sheet, bopet film and related products.
3. rPET Flakes for manufacturing of rPET resin, PET sheet, BoPET film, monofilament and many more.
4. Recycle Polyester Staple Fiber for use in different textile application
5. rPET SHEET for different packaging application like use in fmcg, stationary and other packaging items
6. rPET Strap for different industrial packaging application
With addition of latest product "rPET resin" company enables circularity & use of rPET resing in food grade packaging. More about the company can be found on company website www.jbecotex.com.