Genox Recycling Tech (China) Co. Ltd.
Stand #: P465
Short description

Genox constantly pursues the most reliable, innovative, and cost-effective solutions for recycling plastics, tires, wood materials, e-waste, lithium-ion batteries, and domestic appliances.

Detailed information

Genox is a combined word of “Generating Oxygen” with the meaning of creating a better environment through new and innovative technology. Both the leadership and management of Genox abide by this principle and constantly pursue the most reliable, innovative, and cost-effective solutions for the recycling of waste materials.

Through extensive trials, generating feedback from our valued customers and distributors, and working closely with our international, including European engineering partners, Genox has developed an exhaustive range of technically advanced machinery for processing plastics, tires, wood material, E-waste, Lithium-Ion batteries, and domestic appliances.

Plastic shredding, granulation, all-in-one shredder and granulator, and washing systems are an indispensable part of the Genox product range. Further, Genox's Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling System, including shredding, solvent drying, air separation, and density separation, is also essential to today's recycling realm. These plants were extensively developed and certified, and have since been well-received by customers around the world.