Doha plastic
Stand #: P289
Short description

Qatari leader in sustainable plastic recycling since 2003. Uses top-notch German and Austrian tech to produce high-quality recycled plastic pellets and flakes. Offers customization for various industrial needs. Annual capacity: 50,000MT. Produces drip irrigation pipes, seed bags, mulch covers, garbage bags, and insulation sheets.

Detailed information

Qatari Sustainable Plastic Recycling and Compounding is a pioneering industry leader established in 2003. Leveraging cutting-edge German and Austrian technologies, we proudly produce high quality recycled plastics granules and compound with an annual capacity of 50,000 metric tons.
Our state-of-the-art facility specializes in the transformation of post-industrial chemical outputs from esteemed factories such as, Q CHEM, and QAPCO into transparent granules and post-consumer plastics in various colors. Additionally, we process PVC and PS flakes while ensuring PET flakes meet stringent food-grade standards.
Our comprehensive product includes a diverse range , from irrigation system pipes spanning 16mm to 125mm with optional drip functionality to versatile solutions like seed bags, mulch covers, garbage bags, and PE sheets. as Qatari Sustainable Plastic Recycling and Compounding, we are committed to delivering sustainable solutions that meet the highest quality standards while contributing positively to the environment with zero waste